Sunday, August 5, 2012

Since I'm awake at 530am...

I thought I would get a few definitions down...

1. VTACs (ventricular tachycardia)-a very fast heart rhythm that originates in the ventricles of the heart.

2. ASD (atrial septum defect)-congenital heart problem that results in a hole in the wall bw the heart is having to work harder than necessary bc the venous blood is mixing with the arterial blood (deoxygenated vs oxygenated, respectively)

3. EKG (electrocardiogram)-a test to show the electrical activity of the heart

4. Echocardiogram- a sonogram of the heart

5. TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram)-basically, an echo from the inside. Luckily, all I remember from this procedure is the yucky tasting spray that numbs the back of my throat. I go in, lie down, they hook up the vitals stuff, give me oxygen, spray the throat spray and make me swallow Lidocaine 2-3 times, and then, I'm guessing, I swallow the probe that will show the images. I'm kinda foggy on that part, bc I'm usually knocked out by then :) I usually stay foggy for a couple hours after. I've also had a 3D one done, same procedure, different views, like a 3D ultrasound when pregnant.

6. Heart catheterization-a procedure that includes inserting a catheter through from the groin. The catheter then travels to the heart. I luckily don't remember that either, except the getting sick afterward. When I was in "recovery", I vaguely remember them waking me and I was trying to turn on my side. They were yelling at me and holding me down, saying that I needed to lie still. I said that I was about to be sick, and I turned back over just in time. After that, the good patient in me came out and I laid how I was supposed to :)

7. PICC line (peripherally inserted central cath)-A long slender tube (think coffee stirrer, lol) that is inserted into a peripheral vein in the upper arm. The whole setup was so crazy to watch! So, the IV team (so it's really just one person on the IV team) comes in, puts a sign on the door that lets people know that a sterile environment is being set up and that no one is to enter my room. Then, he has to sterilize my table, as that is the table he uses to set out all the "equipment". It is very intricate, and very sterile. He changed gloves 6 times. He laid a sheet out over my entire body, left open the part of my arm where he needed to go, sterilized my arm, used an ultrasound to find the vein he would use, put this remote looking thing on my chest, very painfully inserted this cath (yes, he put Lidocaine on it, but I felt the pain of the pressure), and that was about it. Well, then he used the ultrasound to make sure the cath was in the right place. The PICC line is useful bc I was stuck over 8 times, just for blood draws and IVs (not counting the shots I get in the belly), and the PICC has 2 tubes hanging from it, one for drawing blood and one for giving meds. I won't get stuck anymore and it'll stay in me until I get ready to leave. You may be wondering if getting stuck is really that bad to need this, and the answer is, heck yes! I have a huge bruise from every single whole right arm on the inside is almost one huge bruise. Plus, I couldn't really move my arms or hands with those IVs in them.

8. Sleep-that thing they always tell you to get, but refuse to let you have, bc they interrupt a lot. :)

9. Love-my husband...who is the best ever. Sorry, gals, he's mine, all, he's so strong, and he's been my rock. When I've felt like going nuts over all this, he's helped calm me down. He makes me want to fight, along with the kids. He makes me feel safe, and he's really useful at vacuuming the house, cooking, and everything else around the house :D No, seriously, he's awesome and he cleaned even before this.

10. Love-my children. They are being so brave! Their innocence just reels me in. They are so lovable!!! And adorable!

11. Friendship-wow! I have the most amazing friends. They have visited, checked in with David, even those that have never met him, offered everything up to us except their 1st born, it's been amazing, and I could never thank them all enough for the support! I love them. Speaking of friends, 2 others that visited me on Sat were Helen and Tabitha. I left their names out of the post for Sat, and I apologize, as it was a great visit and they had me laughing like crazy!!

I think that is all for now. I'm finally sleepy again. It's 626, so I'm sure the shift changes will wake me up at 7ish.

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  1. I just finished reading your entire blog and can barely see through my tears to type. I think about you and your family so much! You have such a beautiful family and I look forward to reading about your homecoming!