Monday, August 6, 2012


Nothing too *medically* to report about Sunday, but it was a good day. My Sam came to visit today, along with other awesome visitors! Sam is soooooo sweet, I love her. She used to live next door to me with her husband and beautiful babies, but they live near Atlanta now. She drove all that way to visit me. I love her and her family so much, so it was so nice to see her.

My babies brought their new school clothes to show me, and they wanted me to pick out what they should wear the 1st day. It was so funny, I told Gage to wear one thing, but he wanted to wear something else, so he kept repeating it. So I picked the one he wanted to wear, and made it like it was my idea. He's so adorable that it doesn't matter what he wears! Rianna too! My girl is growing so fast!!! Tomorrow is the last day they will see me for almost a week. It was recommended that they not come up after surgery (obviously they can't while I'm in PACU), but even when I'm in a regular room again, they should stay home. Mainly, bc I will look different, trying to recover, but bc they will be back in school, sharing germs with the world once again. You know how kids are-it's hard to get them to share their toys or play area, but germs are a sure thing.

 My other visitors today were my dad, stepdad, mom and dad (David's parents), and someone super special, Uncle Lynn. I'll tell you about Uncle Lynn. He and my stepdad have been friends since they were 17. That's almost 50 years!!!! So when we were growing up, Uncle Lynn would take each of us kids somewhere for our birthdays, whatever restaurant we chose. He and I had a special bond. He took me to my 1st concert (Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett), took me to the Abbeville Opera House many times to see plays, and a new restaurant each time. The kind of restaurant you should dress up for. My sisters and brother would choose places like McDonalds or something, but we went to unique places! Oh, and the only college football game I've ever been to-Wake Forrest @ GA Tech. His team is Tech, and they lost...but it was so much fun. And it was freezing cold!!! So, I was so excited to see him, bc it's been years! 

Mrs. Cole-Marshall, a teacher and great friend at David's school, also came to see me. She has been here 3 times, and she was the only one with me when I found out that I was going to have surgery. And boy, am I glad she was here. David had gone back home to feed the kids and get my phone charger bc it had died, and the doctor delivered the news. She was quick to jump up and call him to tell him to get his butt back here. She's a sweet, sweet person, and she adores David like no other. She gives him hell, which is good, he needs it sometimes, lol. Oh, and I got a call from the principal who used to be at David's school. It's amazing the support I have and I am so very lucky to have such special people in my life. Even my friends who can't be here now are precious to me, calling me or facebooking me (I know, FB just became a verb!). I was so happy to see mom too! She is in a lot of pain though (she has to have surgery next month), and I feel so bad for her. The kids went home with them tonight, and for that, I'm grateful, bc they can play with their cousin Elizabeth and get their minds off of me. Well, night!!!

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  1. Ms Amanda, it was good to see you yesterday. Please plan us getting together more often, Aja would simply adore Rianna, especially since she would believe that she is a big girl just like Rianna is lol. You are truly loved. I saw that yesterday, I'm happy that you know how many people love you:)