Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So I'm feeling sort of accomplished today. Here are some of the things I accomplished on my own: I put my own tshirt on this morning. I've been having to wear wide neck shirts or button downs, and so I grabbed one of David's old ones and was able to put it on. I put my hair up today. Not perfect, and it hurt a little, but better than it has been. Most importantly, tonight, I took my shower and shaved my legs all by myself!!! I am so glad I took a pain pill before the shower though, bc I definitely felt it. Monday, I had my post-op appt with the surgeon, Dr. Hunter. Or in my case, I saw his PA. She took my stitches out (only 2, from the chest tubes). It stung, but it was ok. She said I can start doing a little more. I go back in 3 weeks, and we will start cardiac rehab, and possibly, I'll be able to drive again. Which means I can get on campus for my class. I'm looking forward to being back to normal again. Next Friday, I'll be going to see my cardiologist. Hopefully, she can help me with other stuff that I forgot to mention to the PA. Most importantly, this stupid right arm of mine. It feels tired one second, then it's painful, and it's constant. Pain pills do nothing for it. I'm thinking it's either the position they had me in during and after surgery, or maybe the IV team pinched a nerve somehow during the PICC line insertion. I'm not sure, but it's driving me more batty than this incision and sternum pain. Ugh...I'm trying so hard to remain positive, to be thankful that they caught this finally and that they were able to fix it without too much of a problem. I'm grateful to be alive, and relatively healthy. I'm extremely grateful that I have my husband and kids. But dang, I just want this pain to go away, this uncomfortable feeling in my arm, the dependence I have on everyone...can I just be done now?!?!? Anyway, Mon, I got a visit from my friend, Kat, who came to fix my hair for my appt, and today, my friend, Codie, came over with...The Hunger Games!!!! Awesome, right? She's coming tomorrow and I may rent The Lucky One, or some other chick flick on Apple TV. We'll see. I've got some of my thank you cards written and handed out, but I still have a lot more. Ok, so it's bedtime...

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