Sunday, June 30, 2013

Late night thoughts and rambles...

The past couple of days has had me in a state of anxiety.  It all started with work on Thurs night.  I was at the computer, about to pull up the final totals for CMN (by the way, we came in 2nd, and were only 1 of the 2 stores that met our goal and surpassed it!!!!)…I was reading over the spreadsheet and all of a sudden, I got a little light headed and super hot.  I felt like I was going to pass out.  I let a couple people know where David's phone number was in case something happened, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.  Truthfully, if this had happened before surgery, and it probably did, I wouldn't have given it a 2nd thought.  It's funny how now, I notice every little thing.  The light headed, dizzy-esque feeling occurred a couple more times that night, but I pushed them aside, started breathing deeply, and told myself that I probably experienced a drop in blood pressure.  If you recall, my normal bp is about 102/58, so I figured that was the culprit.

Well, the episodes have occurred a few more times since then.  By a few, I don't really have a number.  Honestly, more than a few, but since I have no number, whatever…

I don't want to fret and call the doctor over every little thing.  They have a lot of patients that are in worse shape than I am to worry about…but I think Monday, I will call.  Some may tell me that I shouldn't wait until then, but I am NOT paying a $150 copay to the ER for nothing.  It's sad enough that I have to pay $65 each time I see Dr. Lane.  I know that money shouldn't be the issue when it comes to your health, but the bottom line is, I don't need to boggle David down anymore financially.  Especially if this is something normal that I'll have to live with forever.

Now to the part of my problem that does have me a bit more worried.  I still have pain.  Y'all, it's been 11 months (on July 8th), and I know that I had a major surgery, but come on…still in pain.  This is different though.  It's on my right side of my incision.  When I turn to the right, lay on my right side, and do things with my right arm, I get a super sharp, stabbing pain in the right side of my chest.  Now, we could go back to the old joke in which the doctor says, "well, don't do that", but I kinda have to use the right side of my body.  To experience that much pain just by turning over in the bed on my right side, that leads me to feel like I have to call the doctor.  I don't think going to the ER for that is going to be helpful.  What if Dr. Lane isn't on call?  Then, I'd have to tell my whole ordeal to the doctor I'd see, and he'd refer me to her anyway.  (Actually, I think that any doctor in any dept can see my records, as well as other patients, because of their new system, but anyway…still…)

So, I promise to get that call in to her on Monday.  I was supposed to go to see her the other day, but her office called and said that she can't see me until August 5th.  Some scheduling conflict…anyway…

Well, how about something that hurt my feelings, rather than my body?  Today, I went to my niece's birthday party (Happy 9th Birthday, Harley!!!!!!).
                                                   Thank you, oh website that I can't remember borrowing this image from!

As I was leaving, I dropped my iPhone.  My 5 month old iPhone…in its Otterbox, shattered.  The face is destroyed.  I dropped it on a stick, the glass shattered, and the stick broke in half.  Seriously…and we are the ones who didn't buy Apple Care, or any other kind of warranty.  I was upset at first, but as I was driving home, I kept telling myself that it was just a materialistic thing.  David had his old phone, the 4, which isn't very old, so I'm using that one.  I don't want to buy another one, especially right now, since they probably will come out with a 6 or something as soon as I do buy another one.  We are thinking of trying the new Samsung phone; I have no idea what it is called, but David is showing interest, so we'll see.

I am totally going to bed now, because I have to wake up early, try to workout without too much pain, and then go see my friend at the hospital.  She just had her baby, and while we're on the subject, let's all say a prayer for her and her baby.  He was born just yesterday, at 29 weeks, so he's little bitty thing.  He weighs 3.2lbs, and the doctors say that he is doing well, considering, so I'm hoping they will continue to do well.  I did get to see a pic, and he's adorable.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 months post-surgery...

I'm feeling ok...I see Dr. Lane in a couple of weeks.  Not too much has been going on heart-wise, other than being scolded at work for lifting heavy things.  I'm pretty good about not picking up things that are too heavy, but I'm also stubborn.  I don't want to get hurt, but I don't like feeling weak and helpless.  I felt something in my chest (across my incision) yesterday when I lifted up a 20 pk of Coke, and then again when I turned in my right side later on in the bed...ugh...old!!!

On a positive note, we're ending week 1 of our CMN campaign at work, and it's going well.  The Children's Miracle Network campaign is my baby.  I love helping to raise money for it, and I love everyone for chipping in and donating, some more than once.  I took a tour of the children's medical center last year, and all that money goes to a great cause.  I'm so grateful that my kids are healthy, but not everyone can be that fortunate.  When kids and parents are going through such health crises, the last thing they should be worried about is money or the care their children receive.  They should receive amazing care, regardless of their ability to pay.  This biannual campaign makes me grateful for what I have, and I want to always contribute.  Actually, I have a jar that all of my loose change is going in for these 3 weeks, and I'm turning it into the campaign at the end.  I'm curious to see how much I can save; I've already saved a few dollars in change.

Anyway, not much to update on, just didn't want to neglect this blog.