Monday, April 15, 2013

1st off...

Let's all say some prayers for those that participated, or whose family and friends participated, in the Boston Marathon today.  The world is such a sad place already.  It makes me so sad.

I originally was going to tell y'all about my accomplishment this past Sat, but I'm so sad.

Well, as insignificant as it is, I hiked a mountain Sat.  We took the kidlets to Atlanta for the day.  First, we went to Legoland, which was pretty cool, and then we went to Stone Mountain.  It was pretty awesome.  We decided to hike up the mountain, which is a 1-mile hike, and towards the top, it was so steep that they have banisters to help you pull yourself up.  I thought I couldn't make it.  I had a mini panic attack, and stopped and told David and the kids to go up without me.  They kept going, and I stopped for a few.  I had a kind of epiphany, sitting there by myself.  Before the kids left me, Rianna told me that she knew I could do it, and that they'd see me at the top.  While I was sitting there thinking, I went back to 8 months ago, when I told my kids every day during the 2 weeks that I was in the hospital, to be brave.  Don't worry about mama, that I would be ok, and I would be brave as well.  So, I decided then that if I could ask them to be brave for me, then I could show them how brave I was.  I decided to finish hiking up the mountain.  I got up there, and we enjoyed a beautiful view that showcased downtown Atl, Kennesaw Mountains, and everything else.  Of course, going down was super easy (thank goodness)!

After we went up and down the mountain, we decided to take the skylift up.  That was probably one of the highlights for the kids.  It really is a pretty place.

My heart was beating super fast while trying to hike up.  But I finally made myself determined to finish that climb.  It was very worth it in the end.

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 months today!

The months are ticking by, and that's a good thing, I suppose.  It's been 8 months since surgery.  I'd like to say it's felt like a long time ago, but right now, not so much.  Fri, I started having pain, and it's still here, so it sucks.  I feel like I can barely move without pain protesting every step.  When I touch my chest, it feels like a bruise.  You know, when someone touches your visible bruise, mashes down, and asks, "Does this hurt?", and your first inclination is to slap the mess out of them?  Ha-kinda like that.  Also, when I move a certain way, I get a stabbing pain in my chest, and it has a burning kinda feeling…hard to explain…anyway, I left a message with Dr. Lane's office, so let's hope it's not 4 days from now when they get back to me.  Their message says that if you're having chest pains, to hang up and call 911…well, I'm not having a heart attack (fingers crossed that doesn't happen), so I'm not calling 911 and getting stuck with an ambulance bill and an ER bill…I'd rather pay my $65 copay to Dr. Lane's office and find out what's going on, than the ambulance bill, $150 copay to the ER, and then the hospital bill.  I've got enough hospital bills I'm paying on now, thankyouverymuch.

So, there's not much updating to do, just wanted to say that yay, it's been 8 months, but boo, I'm in pain…

Oh, let me add something that I was thinking about…when this all happened, I was watching Big Brother during the summer…I'd record it bc I was usually working, then watch it later.  That's what I was watching when I started feeling bad.  But, the thing I was thinking about, was how much David disliked the show…he isn't into many reality shows, unless there's "real" competition.  Anyway, since I was out of commission and missing my BB episodes, he left them on the DVR.  I was lying in the hospital and he texted me that I had some saved up.  Knowing that he hated the show and would have been watching whatever he wanted to watch, I told him he could erase them since I wasn't there.  But he kept them on there for me.  He said that I would need something to occupy my time when I got home, so he left them.  I just thought it was super sweet.  Bc later, I realized that I would have hated to miss the last parts of the season :)

It's the little things...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Does she want me to die?!?!

Haha...I had to call Dr. Lane's office to see if I needed to be prescribed a medicine before making my dentist appt.  The nurse called and said she had called me in some Amoxicillin.  Um...that's a form of penicillin; I'm allergic to penicillin.  Ok, well, we'll call you in something different.  I'm not sure what will happen if I do take penicillin and sulfa, but I also don't want to find out.  I know that the allergy info is in my chart, bc I have to answer the question every single time I go in and they question me.  So, I'm super glad that I am smart enough to know medicines and myself...

That's about it...just a quick note about that.  

Also, she's not the only doctor who has done last primary care physician tried to prescribe me penicillin-based products 3 times!!!  If I hadn't asked, I'd have taken them.