Monday, April 15, 2013

1st off...

Let's all say some prayers for those that participated, or whose family and friends participated, in the Boston Marathon today.  The world is such a sad place already.  It makes me so sad.

I originally was going to tell y'all about my accomplishment this past Sat, but I'm so sad.

Well, as insignificant as it is, I hiked a mountain Sat.  We took the kidlets to Atlanta for the day.  First, we went to Legoland, which was pretty cool, and then we went to Stone Mountain.  It was pretty awesome.  We decided to hike up the mountain, which is a 1-mile hike, and towards the top, it was so steep that they have banisters to help you pull yourself up.  I thought I couldn't make it.  I had a mini panic attack, and stopped and told David and the kids to go up without me.  They kept going, and I stopped for a few.  I had a kind of epiphany, sitting there by myself.  Before the kids left me, Rianna told me that she knew I could do it, and that they'd see me at the top.  While I was sitting there thinking, I went back to 8 months ago, when I told my kids every day during the 2 weeks that I was in the hospital, to be brave.  Don't worry about mama, that I would be ok, and I would be brave as well.  So, I decided then that if I could ask them to be brave for me, then I could show them how brave I was.  I decided to finish hiking up the mountain.  I got up there, and we enjoyed a beautiful view that showcased downtown Atl, Kennesaw Mountains, and everything else.  Of course, going down was super easy (thank goodness)!

After we went up and down the mountain, we decided to take the skylift up.  That was probably one of the highlights for the kids.  It really is a pretty place.

My heart was beating super fast while trying to hike up.  But I finally made myself determined to finish that climb.  It was very worth it in the end.

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