Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 months post-surgery...

I'm feeling ok...I see Dr. Lane in a couple of weeks.  Not too much has been going on heart-wise, other than being scolded at work for lifting heavy things.  I'm pretty good about not picking up things that are too heavy, but I'm also stubborn.  I don't want to get hurt, but I don't like feeling weak and helpless.  I felt something in my chest (across my incision) yesterday when I lifted up a 20 pk of Coke, and then again when I turned in my right side later on in the bed...ugh...old!!!

On a positive note, we're ending week 1 of our CMN campaign at work, and it's going well.  The Children's Miracle Network campaign is my baby.  I love helping to raise money for it, and I love everyone for chipping in and donating, some more than once.  I took a tour of the children's medical center last year, and all that money goes to a great cause.  I'm so grateful that my kids are healthy, but not everyone can be that fortunate.  When kids and parents are going through such health crises, the last thing they should be worried about is money or the care their children receive.  They should receive amazing care, regardless of their ability to pay.  This biannual campaign makes me grateful for what I have, and I want to always contribute.  Actually, I have a jar that all of my loose change is going in for these 3 weeks, and I'm turning it into the campaign at the end.  I'm curious to see how much I can save; I've already saved a few dollars in change.

Anyway, not much to update on, just didn't want to neglect this blog.

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