Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cardiac rehab part deux

Today was day 2 of rehab. It was better today. I felt like I did something. First, I had to walk the track for 15 min. Then, I had to get on the treadmill for 15 min, at a speed of 2.4. I'm not used to walking that slow, especially for exercise, but since having this surgery and not being able to do much, it worked me out. After the treadmill, I had to ride the bike for another 15 min. Lastly, I had to cool down on the track for 10 min. The nurse checked my BP after my workout, and it was 80/50, which is way too low. She had me drink water, which I'd already done anyway, and checked again. It was 90/50. She asked if I was dizzy and I wasn't, so she let me go. I am the youngest person in rehab. It's ok though, I'm no better than anyone else. I just think it's funny, strange is more like it. It really puts things into perspective for me. I actually look forward to rehab, just not the amount of money I have to pay. I can't wait until I feel better. I go back to see Dr. Lane on Oct 3rd, and I hope she lets me take off this lifevest. Only if it's safe though! I don't want to do something that is dangerous or questionable. Speaking of heart patients, let's say a prayer for my friend Amanda. She's around my age, and she's a heart patient too. She's been going through a lot, and I hope that she's able to get better really soon. We're rooting for you, Amanda!!! You've gotta come home to those 3 beautiful girls, they need their mommy! Well, I've got to go do a quiz that's due at 830am, so later... Live, laugh, love; life is precious, but short...

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