Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh, forgot to mention...

I'm helping my friend get ready for the annual breast cancer walk. Rianna and I do it every Oct. I'm hoping and praying that I can do the whole 3 miles by then. Something else I'll have to ask the doctor on Mon. Also, I was looking for the annual heart walk we have here to sign up for it, but I didn't see it. Luckily, I don't give up easily and I found out where it'll be. It'll be in North Augusta, SC, which is about 15 min from here. Still in the CSRA. It's on March 9, 2013, and I've already started working on recruiting people to walk with me. I haven't figured out a team name yet, but I've had a couple suggestions. I decided that I'm going to take all the suggestions and have a kinda voting poll on FB near the beginning of the year or so, and maybe figure out a prize for the winning suggestion. Maybe a free t-shirt, or something less lame. Hmmmm, do I need to have a poll for that too?!?!?!? Agh, always something...I wanna do something cool though, so I'm up for the challenge. I have done the heart walk in the past, for my papa, and actually, just bc I usually sign up for all 5k walks for the cause that are in my area. But this is going to be special, I think. I can't wait! Oh, and before I go, my sister, Tammy, in Alabama, is really into pageants, hair, tan, etc (my niece is in the pageants and my sister is awesome at beautifying someone even more than they already are). Anyway, she said that they do charity type things every year, so she is going to see if they can do a heart thing. She's thinking around Feb, and I hope she can do it. I told her I'd come to AL when she sets it up. I'm super happy that we can do good things in this world. Ok, sappiness aside, I'm going to bed.

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