Sunday, September 2, 2012

3 weeks, 3 days post-op...

--Current mood--good, I'm feeling lots better than yesterday. Yesterday, I was having a "woe is me" kinda day and I felt like no one understood.
--Current Medications--12.5mg Metoprolol twice a day; 200mg Amiodarone once a day (used to be twice); 81mg baby aspirin, Hydrocodone as needed (I usually don't take bc it makes me sleep and gives me weird dreams, so when needed, I take a 1/2 pill); plus 2 different cough medications. One is in pill form, I can take 3 times a day and the other is cough syrup that is a narcotic and I only take that at bedtime.
--Weird fact of the day--I realized how weird, crazy, old, all of this is, when I had to break down and buy a...pillbox. Yep, I spent $5 on a pillbox that has morning and night on there. Yeah... --I've also lost 3lbs in 2 days, so I'm kinda proud of that. Who cares if it's water weight or the swelling going down from all that dang sodium they kept shooting in my IVs. That's not the point.
--Exercise today?--well, we took the kids to Toys R Us bc they wanted to spend their money. Gage was looking for a Loki toy so that he could let it fight the Thor one he already has. Couldn't find it in TRU, and Rianna asked to go to Barnes & Noble, so we did. We have to carve out at least an hour to let Rianna read the backs of almost every book she looks at. She bought 4. Afterwards, Gage still wanted that Loki toy, and told David that it was for sure at Walmart. So we went to Walmart. And...there was his Loki. He was super happy. So I walked around all those places. The doctors had told me that if I needed to walk too much around a store, that I should ride the motorized cart. Um no...did it once and that was enough. I need to walk bc that was part of the physical therapy deal anyway.
--Rest--well, it's 149am, and I'm writing in this blog. I fell asleep last night (Fri) at around 8pm, while watching tv with David in the recliner. He just left me there when he went to bed bc he didn't want to bother me. I woke up at 4am, fell back asleep immediately (still in the chair), and woke at 7. David had made French toast and bacon, so I ate. Then, I went back to my chair and fell asleep til 10. I woke up again, brushed my teeth, fixed my...hold on, "fixed" my hair, and got dressed. As soon as I sat down again, I fell asleep again. I can't even say how much I slept, but I know it was a lot. The cough medicine makes me sleep, so tonight, I took a 1/2 dose. I don't like the out-of-it feeling I had today.
--Zipper--my zipper is healing, but the glue (yep, glue) is starting to come off. I was freaking out yesterday, but Dr. Lane said not to worry, it's supposed to do that. The zipper doesn't look 'that' bad, but it still sucks. I'm buying Mederma as soon as I can put creams on it.
--Football--I watched our team, Florida (Go Gators), almost lose to a "high school" team today. Ugh, they need to tighten up, we have a tough schedule this season. But we pulled the win out of our behinds, and that's what counted today. My stepdad's team, Alabama, won today. Actually, they pretty much spanked Michigan. If I wasn't a Gator, I'd probably root for the Tide. They're a fantastic team. My dad's team, Georgia (blech!!), won today, but they had to, they played a high school team. It would have been an embarrassing loss if they'd have done it.
--My kids--they were crazy today. They make me smile. Their money was burning a hole in their pockets, so we took them out, and they loved paying for their own things. Rianna spent more than Gage (hello, she's a girl!), and Gage got some change back. Rianna complained that she was broke again (ha), so since Gage got the toy he wanted, he gave Rianna his change. That's how he is; if he has what he "needs", he doesn't want the extra money. It's cute. Well, that's about all my randomness for the night...

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