Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick note...

Dr. Lane called me again tonight...she got my results in from my cardiac MRI.  She said there are no signs of VSD, ASD, ARVD, or anything else that's bad.  Everything is looking great, and I'll still have to get that monitor tomorrow, but that is mainly for hers and my peace of mind.  I was feeling a little anxious today, so I'm glad I got some verification.  I was a little tired this afternoon, and I was laying down.  I wasn't planning on going to sleep, but I dozed off a couple of times.  Well, each time I dozed off, I jerked awake bc I was "dreaming" or something that I was dying...not a good feeling, I'm telling you.  So I sat up...it weirded me out a little (fine, a lot), but hopefully, I'll sleep good tonight since I got the news from Dr. Lane.  Fingers crossed xxxx

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