Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sickies update...

I had to take the kids to the pedi the other day...they weren't getting better despite all that I was doing.  I'm one of those who used to take their child in for any little fever.  I got smarter when I realized that I was wasting money bc they were doing the same thing I was at home.  So before I take them in now, I try to remedy it myself.  Don't get me wrong, I take them when they need it, but not for every little thing.  By Mon though, I felt that there was nothing else I could do.  The pedi said that they had the flu. The CDC had predicted the wrong strain of the flu for this year, and so the vaccines weren't helping.  So she sent the pharmacy some prescriptions for them, and they helped tremendously.  Gage is allergic to penicillin products (as am I), so he had to take Omnicef.  Rianna got Augmentin.  They both got Albuterol for their coughs.  They missed 4 days of school, but finally! they are well again!  David is getting there.  I got the sickies a little later, but they did hit me, and I am trying to keep from going nuts!  I hate congestion the most, and of course, that's what has got me.  I ran a fever for 2 days, but it never went above 101.  I think I'm pretty lucky.  I am just glad everyone is better.  

We took Rianna out to eat for her birthday tonight.  She chose Logan's, though we are not fans like we used to be.  But it was her night, so we went.  This Thurs is Thankgiving.  I am not excited about it.  Mom won't be here.  One thing mom loved was the holidays.  On Thanksgiving, everyone came here (they still will).  Christmas would be awesome also, but this year will suck.  Last year, we spent Christmas in Florida with mom and dad, and it was so awesome!  We spent Christmas Day on the beach, swimming and getting a tan!  We were all supposed to go again this Christmas, but it won't happen.  Mom was ready to book the trip too.  She was so excited.  We talked about how she and I had to recover from our surgeries and be ready to lay out and soak up the rays again.  I miss her more and more every day.  Especially the more I think about things we'd talked about, things that we did together, etc.  So, it's going to be hard, but we will try our best to honor her.  

Anyway, bedtime...don't forget your prayers...

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