Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little of this, little of that...

I received my new heart monitor in the mail.  I have to wear it for 30 days.  Oh joy!  Anyway, I have 3 leads I have to attach and wear all the time, with this almost Zach Morris phone looking thing that lets me record an event or read new messages.  At least it's not as bad as the portable defibrillator I was wearing.  It's supposed to be my last "test".  I pass this, I shouldn't need the defib implanted.  Fingers crossed.  Work is going ok, I am glad I was able to start back, but I am a little apprehensive when I'm there.  I've been behaving though, not lifting anything too heavy, but still working hard.  

I had a rough moment today.  I got out of the shower and had to change the batteries in the monitor, and charge the other part of it...then I put on a shirt that wasn't very low cut, just low enough that one could see the straps, wires, leads, and my zipper.  So I was aggravated, and had to put on a tshirt over it.  So self-conscious and aggravating...I sent David a pic and asked him if I was sexy, haha...he said, "yep", lol.  Just that word from him was enough to make me stop crying and feel a little better.  I keep meaning to talk to my doctor about this, but I keep forgetting.  

Well, I'm going to finish this boring little post with a last's so sad to see that reality shows need subtitles now...for English!  Or whatever they call that...I swear!

And in case anyone either wasn't alive or didn't own a tv "back then", here is a pic of Zach with his phone.  Gotta love Saved by the Bell!

Zack Morris...thanks google images!

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