Saturday, December 29, 2012


has come and gone.  It was a pretty good Christmas.  We missed having mom around to celebrate the holiday, but other than that, we enjoyed our day.  The kids woke us up at 650, and we begged for 10 more minutes of sleep, but they were too excited.  So we got up, and they loved their presents.  We went to David's brother's house for dinner and it was good as well.

I really don't have much to update y'all on about my heart.  I'm still wearing this monitor, and to be honest, I can't remember how many more days I have left to wear it.  When I get rid of it, I'm not going to know how to act without something being attached to me!  I still have so much soreness going on, and I don't know why.  It seems like one day, the soreness just came back for no reason.  I'm still on the same medications, and I've met a lot of customers at work who've had some kind of heart surgery.  They always want to compare notes bc they can't believe a person as young as I am had to have open heart surgery.  What they don't realize is that there are lots of babies that have heart surgery all the time.  Some have it as soon as they are born.  I am lucky to have lived this long before having the surgery, and I couldn't imagine having my babies go through this.  It just goes to show that you can be any age, healthy or unhealthy, and still have some curve ball like this thrown at you.  If I could get rid of this soreness though, it would be great.  I wake up so stiff every morning, and it takes a little while to be able to get up and move around.

Anyway, I will update when I have something :)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I'm hoping for a great 2013 since the last 6 months of 2012 pretty much sucked.

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