Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cardiology appt today...

I was at the doctor from 945 this morning, until 1 this afternoon. That was not the plan. The plan was to go for my 8 weeks post-op appointment, then to school. Since my last appointment with her, I was supposed to have a cardiac MRI and an echo done. I know that she ordered it last time, I saw it on my discharge instructions, but they didn't do it on their part. So she was a little perturbed at the hospital bc I was supposed to get that done before my appointment with her, so that we can discuss the results. Anyway, my pulse was 46bpm, my BP was 96/52, I think, if I remember correctly. I told her that I am always tired. She thinks part of that is my medicine. So we are cutting back again. I can't cut back on my Metoprolol bc I'm taking the lowest dose, so she cut my Amiodorone again. I was taking 2 200mg pills per day, then it was cut back to 1 pill a day, and now, I'm going to take 1/2 a pill per day. Hopefully, it helps with my fatigue. I thought I was going to get rid of this lifevest today, but she said no. She is uncomfortable with me getting rid of it until I have my cardiac MRI. She really thinks that I'm going to get that defibrillator implanted. After the appointment, she sent me for an echo. I went for it and she will call me this evening with the results. After the echo, I went for my bloodwork. See-told ya it wasn't the plan.

When I left the hospital, I called my dad to see what he was up to, and he said that he was at the hospital (a different one) bc my grandpa was in there. He was having trouble breathing. I stopped up there for a few minutes, but he was having tests done and he needed to rest anyway. I'm so worried, I hope he's going to be ok. I've never seen him sick or down before, except for a cold. So, seeing him today in the hospital, hooked up to IVs and monitors, was not so great. Also, Gage has to see a pediatric cardiologist bc we went for his checkup yesterday, and she heard 2 heart murmurs. She checked him out when I told her about my surgery. She said that it could be nothing, so we are having to wait until Oct 31st to find out if anything is wrong. All this is just so much to have to deal with. I feel like I'm on the edge, and that I'm going to fall apart. So hopefully, everything will be ok soon. Anyway, wish us luck and keep us all in your prayers.

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