Friday, February 1, 2013

Some good news today!!!!

It wasn't long after I made my last post that Dr. Howard's (the sleep study specialist) nurse called me.  He reviewed my results and guess what?!?!?!?!  No sleep apnea, no sleep disorders that he can see!  That makes me happy!  It really lifted my spirits up.  She said that I need to get back to Dr. Lane for further testing if she is still unhappy with what is going on, and when I called, they told me that they would get back to me Monday.

So I'm going to try to relax this weekend.  I have to work all weekend, but I'm off Sunday in time for the Super Bowl.  I'm not a fan of either team playing, but I love football.  So this weekend, I'll cheer for the 49ers.  Hopefully, my Pats make it next year.

Oh-and things are coming together for the Heart Walk.  I'm excited to be leading a team.  I talked to the lady today about prices and other information for tshirts, let my team know, and I even talked with someone today who said that she'd like to "sponsor" me.  Not to mention, my friend Tabitha has an Etsy shop and is donating a portion of the heart items she sells to the AHA.  All that is left besides the actual walk is deciding on a team name and getting the shirts ordered.  YAY!

Any ideas for a team name, let me know.  Rianna and I have thought of a few, but new ideas are always welcomed!

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