Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In pain today...

When I woke up this morning, I had my normal, stiff, pain in my chest, where it feels that I've worked out a lot (HA!)...but the pain didn't (read: hasn't) gone away.  This doesn't feel like my normal soreness.  I'm thinking I'm gonna have to bug the doctor tomorrow.  The pain isn't sharp, but it comes and goes all day long.  Before surgery, I wouldn't have bothered with slight pain like this.  Now, I get nervous.  I feel that I am more susceptible to aches and pains, and it's more noticeable now.  Not only this, I'VE BEEN SOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED today.  Overwhelmingly tired.  I have no energy.  I felt bad for my dad today, bc today's his birthday, and we had plans to get together.  My brother wanted us all to go to the basketball game tonight, but I was too tired.  So I begged out, and we are going to try to get together Sat.

Anyway, I'm super tired, so I'm going to bed.  I'll update more later.  

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