Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8th...

it's my 2 year anniversary of my surgery!!  It's kinda hard to believe.  I've had some obstacles along the way, but I'm so much better than I was before surgery (when I didn't know I had a problem).

Recent problems have been: swelling and pain...sometimes, I have random swelling.  It comes on at weird times.  It's not because I eat a lot of salt.  It doesn't have a pattern, at least, not that I'm aware of.  Pain-I'm going to have pain for a while, on and off...I think I may have strained my chest somehow because of getting carts at work.  It's my fault, I suppose.  I need to let someone else get them sometime...I'll try it tomorrow :)

Anyway, I did go to the outpatient clinic the other day for a scan on my legs.  Dr. Lane wanted me to get a venous reflux study done, which is fancy wording for "ultrasound on my legs"...she wanted to see if there's a venous insufficiency.  I didn't get results right then (naturally), but I have go see her on August 19th.  I think I also have my annual-not so annual-echo.  It was supposed to be annual, but with my last one, since she saw mitral valve regurgitation again, I had to go only 8 months.  So, I think I will know that day if I'm going to have to have it sooner or later.  I'm trying to not let it get to me.  I really don't want another surgery, less invasive or not.  I don't have much time to devote 2 weeks to surgery and recovery.

Exercise is going well.  I could do more, I admit, but I am working on it.  I'll get there.  Well, I've gotta get some sleep.  I have to be up early to workout and get everyone ready for school and work.  It's hard to believe I have 5th and 3rd graders.  They're growing up!!

I will update once I've had my appointment with Dr. Lane on the 19th.  Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers please!  I'll pray for y'all too!

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