Monday, August 5, 2013

My appt...

It went pretty well.  Dr. Lane said that my heart sounds great!  I have to go have some labs done (which I'll probably do Thurs), bc my last set of labs concluded that my thyroid levels were low.  So we will retest and see if they've come up.  If not, guess what…more medication.  It could be the cause of my fatigue.  Who knows?

I asked about whether or not I should continue with the baby aspirin, and she said it's not 100% necessary, but it won't hurt.  I asked about the vision loss thing, and she said it's not true.  So I was misinformed.  She said that it's a good idea to take them bc it will prevent blood clots.  Dr. Lane said that she and her colleagues always talk about my case bc of how rare and interesting it is.  Rare bc of my age, I suppose.  Ha-also, she asked if we are through having kids, and I said yes.  She said that she thought we were, but wanted to let me know (just in case) that if we wanted to have more, I'm very healthy and would be ok.  I would be high risk (I was with both babies anyway), but that if my heart can handle having 2 babies pre-heart surgery, then I would be ok if there was ever a next time.  I guess it's good to know, bc I am often asked if we're having any more babies.

I have to go in October to have an echo done, just for precautions.  I'll have it then bc my last one was a year ago Oct…makes sense.  After the echo, I'll see her to discuss the results, and if all goes well, I will only have to see her once a year.  YAY!

Oh, also, remember when I had the life vest on?  Of course y'all do…I complained about it often!  Anyway, the insurance company had approved it, sent me a letter stating so, and then months later, sent another letter denying the claim.  So I appealed it, esp since I had the approval letter.  They denied my appeal.  Dr. Lane's nurse printed out all of my records for the 2 weeks I was in the hospital, and during that process, they decided to pay for it.  Anyway, today, she gave me the records.  A LOT!

AND…I have copies of all my EKGs that I had from day 1 through the end of my hospital stay.  I think I may scan them and post them…just not now.  It's amazing, though…I was looking through them all, and the difference is crazy!  Seriously, it's like I was going through multiple patients' records and comparing them.  Just like when my fave nurse Ana let me listen to my heart before surgery-the differences bw my unhealthy heart and healthy heart auscultations were unreal.

My blood pressure today was 111/66.  Dr. Lane said that she is very pleased with my blood pressure; that she has been this whole time.  At least I have that on my side :)

Well, any more news and I'll update!

Right now, I'm basically doing a happy dance in my head.  It kinda looks like this:

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Yep…that's me…haha!

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